Set the Foundation for Success


The developments regarding our son’s college acceptances have been amazing so far. Both our children are blessed to have DWC team for guidance. Go DWC!

We are both grateful to the entire team of DWC and look forward to our son joining his dream school. We can’t be more proud of him and are very thankful to you all.

-AG and AG

Our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for guiding our son through the college application process. It was a wonderful journey for all of us and he thoroughly enjoyed working with you and your team.

Working with Frona and Ted (DWC) put me on the path to finding the college of my dreams. They helped me discover my uniqueness as a college applicant, and decide what I wanted for my college and career experience. My life would not be the same without them.

I am now a violinist in the Grand Rapids Symphony and am elated with my career path!

Kimia Ghaderi
Shepherd School of Music, Rice University
Violinist, Grand Rapids Symphony Orchestra

I had the privilege of working with DWC during my high school years at Cupertino HS. Thanks to the fantastic guidance received from your team, I am now graduating from Boston U!

Muskan Shah

Boston University

I got into my dream school for my undergraduate degree with unwavering support from DWC.

When applying to Ph.D. programs, I came back to DWC for help. Thanks to their wonderful assistance, I got into many prestigious programs and began studying cancer Biology in a Ph.D program at USC in the Fall of 2023. I 110% recommend working with DWC.

Dean Tessone


Coming from a place where grades and academics were relatively easy for me, the college application process posed a huge new challenge! Frona did an incredible job of meeting me with enthusiasm, creativity, and suggestions. She got to know me to ensure I was applying to schools that would fit my personality, not just my GPA. I ended up at UC Davis, and there truly was no better school for me!

College admission is extremely competitive these days, and I’m grateful for the support and advice I received from Frona and her team. I’m now pursuing a Master’s degree and use many of the tips I had retained from my undergraduate application process! I will always be grateful to DesignWorlds for their aid.

Hannah Bodin

UC Davis

Ted and Frona Kahn and the team at Design Worlds have been an incredible resource for our family. Without their wisdom, warmth, and generosity throughout the last year, the daunting search for colleges for our twins would have been so much more overwhelming. Even though we had a good high school counselor, we found Ted and Frona provided an important supplemental source of knowledge, support, and advice. While everybody’s situation is different, as parents of two strong-willed, independent kids, we found that “it took a village” to get through this process. We didn’t fully appreciate what a tough emotional process this would become with our kids until crunch time grew near. Ted and Frona provided a unique combination of emotional and strategic support well beyond what the high school counselor could offer. This could only happen because of the strong bond they formed with our kids. In the final critical stages, Ted and Frona were an invaluable “outside” source of independent support and advice for our kids. At every step of the way they were great listeners and our whole family looked to them as touchstones.

Ted and Frona are able to look beyond the traditional ways of viewing students and see what is special about them. I believe that both of our kids got into their first choice reach schools because they were able to communicate their authentic selves and articulate clearly what truly felt like the “best fit” for them. Ted and Frona helped facilitate this exploration and we are very grateful for their skills, resources, sensitivity and humor throughout this important journey.

Parents of Zoe and Max

Tufts and Stanford Universities

We had a great experience with DesignWorlds. Frona and her team kept my daughter on track, ensuring that she met all of her deadlines. This organizational help relieved a lot of stress for us.

The process was about more than getting into a good college. It was about my daughter being able to step back from her harried high school schedule, look at her accomplishments, and take pride in them. Liz Tadman was instrumental in helping her do that.

My daughter achieved her goal of getting into quite a number of excellent engineering schools and is now extremely happy at Georgia Tech. We’re grateful DesignWorlds for helping her along the journey.

Ami L.

Georgia Tech

The happiest day of my life (in recent times) was when I got my acceptance to University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business. Working with Frona was amazing, together we developed a plan, timeline and via skype, phone and email, she pushed me, daily!! She helped me create a really strong resume and portfolio for admissions and a list of colleges that fit me and my goals. One of the things I appreciated most was her professionalism–she knew all these admissions people, and helped prepare me for interviews and could answer almost any question I had–and there were a lot of them!! She helped me understand what colleges wanted in an applicant, and how to position my experiences and talents. IT WORKED. I love USC, my professors, friends and am graduating in 3 years going on for an MBA. Thank you Frona and DWC.

Tanya Mallavarapu

USC Marshall School of Business

The International School of Bangalore is a long way from Silicon Valley, but the world truly is flat when you work with DesignWorlds for College. Frona and her team worked 24/7 via skype, email and phone to support our daughter’s college admission process. She helped us develop a strategic plan, including : rank schools, developing a strong list, many essays, interview skills coaching and positioned our daughter as the strongest candidate possible for schools that fit our daughter’s talents and personality . As executives and devoted parents, we knew that Tanya’s admission process was being managed well, so our stress level was greatly reduced. Their professionalism , dedication and admissions advocacy is unparalleled. Our daughter gained successful admission to USC’s Marshall School of Business and is happy and thriving as a a straight A student, able to graduate in 3 years. DesignWorlds for College has my highest recommendation.

Apparo Mallavarapu and Latha Swarna

Bangalore, India

DesignWorlds brings not only an intimate knowledge of the fundamentals of the college application process, its employees have a uniquely personal touch that continues to be reassuring throughout the difficult and stressful college application process. It is a comforting fact to know that your application adviser not only knows the admissions officers at your top choice school, but they have helped numerous other students out with their applications. They seem to be there at any time, and got me out of more than one tight spot with an application late into the night. The combination of their personal touch with the wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise makes DesignWorlds a unique and extraordinary company which I would thoroughly recommend.

Daniel Goldhaber


Design Worlds for College is a results-oriented, multi-level service with the goal of getting your child into their first choice college. The level of knowledge and personal attention was so impressive – Frona made frequent calls to admissions departments, provied thoughtful recommendations and guidance, and when needed, hand-holding! DWC focuses on a complete range of college prep needs with an expert team of professionals – from tutor referrals to help maintain high school GPA, aptitude testing, essay coaching and application deadline tracking. The results speak for themselves – our son received early admission to his first choice college.

Jane, Mother of Brady Cook

University of Oregon

…Most importantly, I am deeply appreciative of the personal growth he [my son] has made working with the Kahns and their entire team… I never would have anticipated the insight and self-awareness our son has gained, as well as his level of confidence and skill at expressing himself…I really appreciate the way Frona and Ted bring together their background in psychology, business and education…

Chaplain Bruce D. Feldstein M.D.

Director, The Jewish Chaplaincy at Stanford University Medical Center

DWC inspired me to pay attention to what I was interested in – my passions, goals, and dreams… They encouraged me to look at colleges I had not thought of before, and because of this, today I am at a college that meets my academic ability and encompasses my passions and interests.

Miriam von Guggenberg

Brandeis University

DWC changed my outlook… I was not driven in one direction or another, but rather encouraged to take myself places that I wanted to be. I am indebted to DWC for allowing me to discover myself through the process and define it, rather than letting it define me. I am glad that DWC guided me through this path to help me gain the most from the experience.


University of California, Berkeley

The DWC team managed our son’s college admission process in an extremely professional and strategic way. As full-time working parents, this was a huge relief, and stress-reducer…We also learned a tremendous amount about our son, his interests, strengths and possible career paths.

Joanne Weiss

Partner & COO, New Schools Venture Fund and Parent of a student at University of California, Berkeley

Without DWC, I don’t know if I could have achieved both of my dreams: spending my senior year of high school in Israel and getting into Columbia University (Barnard College). The DWC team provided invaluable coaching, essay help, and emotional support…while I was in Israel.

Sarah Sleeter

Columbia University - Barnard College